Reading Is Easy. (You have to work to make kids illiterate.)

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YouTube Video

New video uploaded

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August 2012 saw Mona get in front of the camera to offer a brief history of phonics and how reading failiure can be adressed in the present. The video is hosted at the

Mona McNee explains the Reading Wars

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Encouraged by author and education reformer Bruce Deitrick Price, Mona McNee has written and published a short sweeping history of The Great Reading Disaster. Please visit to view the full article.

Why Billy can't read

posted 25 Apr 2012, 01:30 by Alan O

Mona McNee has just recently written and published her latest booklet Why Billy can't read. Different digital versions of the book (Read online, PDF, kindle etc) are available to view/download/print and share from this link. A link to the PDF version is also provided below.

Taken from the opening paragraph:

A failure of 1 in 4, in learning to read, for 50 years and more? How can this mess go unchallenged? This is surely the biggest scandal ever! The experts MUST BE WRONG. Others may study this but I have lived it, for 40 years. Today teachers keep getting the blame, while the real culprits (who mis-trained and control them) get off scot-free - central government, LEAs,universities. And of what value is an Ofsted inspection if the inspectors do not themselves understand DEcoding phonics?

Google Docs issues - sign in request

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All the games and worksheets that share are hosted with our Google Documents account. These have been designated for full "Public View." It should not be necessary to have a Google account to view and download these documents.

An issue that seems to surface once in a while for users is that when they click on a game link they are confronted by a Google Docs sign in page. This should not happen and is ruining the user experience. The problem has surfaced in Internet Explorer but other browsers may be affected. It appears to be a Google Docs issue.

The remedy is fairly simple. Google advises clearing out your browsers cache and if that does not fix the problem clearing out the cookies. I have experienced this issue once before and cleaning out the cache and cookies did the trick. The link below details the actions for your browser version:  is keeping an eye on this and is currently researching better ways to share all future games and worksheets - perhaps completely abandoning Google Docs altogether. In the meantime your patience is much appreciated !

Open to public view

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The site is only in skeletal form and needs much work, but today I opened the site to public view. Lots and lots of content to be added overtime - this is just a humble beginning !

Step by step video tutorials

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Mona has had a few books published over the years that delve in to her method. Any one of these can be used to arm a parent/teacher with the skills to easily teach a child to read. Unfortunately there are restrictive publisher copyrights on these that make the reproduction of them problematic. Reproducing her books on this site with text extracts is not going to happen until these hurdles can be overcome.

Fortunately however a solution presented itself while constructing this site - video lessons !

Sometime around 1992 Mona made a video version of Step By Step to which she holds the copyright. Its existence was something I was completely unaware of. Split in to an introduction with 16 lessons the video is essentially a moving image version of Step by Step. It gives a unique insight in to her phonics programme with Mona as the principal presenter and teacher. Wishing to have her work preserved for future generations we hit upon the idea of sharing the videos on the Internet Archive site. Each video is released with a Creative Commons Licence that allows and other interested parties to share and redistribute.
The timing of this was significant for the site as there are slight variations in her published work.Deciding on which book to align the sites content to was proving tricky as I wanted a user to easily jump between any of Mona's published work and the site.The DVDs present a very unique solution to the problem. We therefore hit upon the idea of taking each video lesson and  building the sites content and pages around each one.

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