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Lesson 04

oo ee sh ch th
The second half of phonics is learning the spellings where 2-3-4 letters are processed together. Some are just one-off, no reason. 

oo ee sh ch th

There is no aa (except aardvark and salaam). 

ee is the last sound in tree 

We do not have ii, except in ski-ing (from Norway), or uu, except in vacuum

oo the long sound is in cool, the short sound in good

h is “the blowy letter.” If you hold your hand in front of your mouth and say "hat”, you feel the blow. It is the same for sh,th,ch, as in: ship    push    think    path    chop    rich.

Use Bingo, s/ladders, Pairs and nanograms for practice. 



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sh ch th