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Lesson 05

ar or


ar or

Now we begin to present the spellings that can be grouped according to rules, patterns, conventions. You can explain the general idea of these groupings to younger children, but I would not expect them to understand. However, if the same rules are revised as the years go by, at age 11+ they should have a very good understanding of these rules and a wide spoken vocabulary. They will also be able to decode nearly all new words. 

You just use your common sense in the way these are taught! 

You can show pictures and ask the pupil to spell them. You can give lists of words, NOT to learn, but to practise recognising the two letters together to make a sound. First let the pupil see half a dozen words for each spelling 

park fork / term skirt hurt 

sharp storm / butter first turn 

farm morning / faster girl spurt 

Play games for ar and or, then for all five vowels.

Note: er ir and ur are covered in Lesson 6



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