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Over the years Mona McNee has published a few variations of her reading scheme and any one of these will enable a parent to teach their child to read. This site however has centred its content and navigation on the video tutorials that Mona created and released back in 1992, Learning with phonics which references her first edition book publication of Step By step. There have been some tweaks and refinements to her scheme over the years and where possible these are duly noted on the lesson pages.

 Introduction  Course Introduction

 Lesson 01  3 letter words

26 Days
 Lesson 02  4 letter words

 4 Days 
 Lesson 03  Longer words

 5 Days
 Lesson 04  oo  ee  sh  ch  th

5 Days
 Lesson 05  ar or

 3 Days
 Lesson 06  er ir ur

 3 Days
 Lesson 07  magic e

 5 Days
 Lesson 08  le

 3 Days
 Lesson 09  i/y

 5 Days
 Lesson 10  oa ea

 2 Days
 Lesson 11  Soft c: ce  ci  cy
 Soft g: ge  gi  gy 

 7 Days
 Lesson 12  ou/ow

 7 Days
 Lesson 13  Doubling

 3 Days
 Lesson 14  gh ght ough
 wa qua war wor al
 -ine -que

 14 Days
 Lesson 15  Long u sound: ue  u.e  u  ui  ew
 Greek sounds: ph=f   ch=k
 Silent letters: kn  wr  gn  -mb  -mn

 4 Days
 Lesson 16  ti saying sh
 on saying un
 -tion  -ation  -ture
 ie saying e
 ei saying e
 ei saying ay
 be-  re-  de-

 4 Days