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Lesson 07

Magic e



hat/hate (magic “e”)

This extends the pattern of the words where a vowel says its name. This can be a vowel and e together as in toe or a split digraph, where the oe becomes o-e as in home. It is useful at this point to learn that "e at the end of English words is always silent."

Make a selection of words, give the pupil ruled paper with five columns and ask the pupil to write each word in the correct column: 

wine    snake    globe    cube    these    bone    game    plate    slide    tune    Peter    theme    advise    remote    excuse

Explain that there can be only one consonant between the vowel and e if the first vowel is long, in “magic e” words. There are exceptions such as: active    sensitive    literate    moderate.
Later/matter    Peter/better    finer/thinner    voter/potter    use/mutter 

Getting used to a short vowel before a double letter helps in reading and spelling:

tip/tipper/tipping    ripe/riper/ripped    line/lining/pinning

Try the following:
a:    Baker     basket    hamper    faster
e:    Peter    bender    mentor    better
i:    wiper    whisper    hinder    biter    bitter
o:   Roper    crocus    hopper    lottery
u:    tuner    butter    busker tulip    bullet

In many words a VCV (vowel-consonant-vowel) pattern gives a long vowel for the first, and VCCV makes the first vowel short, but there are so many exceptions that it is simpler to say, “Try the short vowel, and if that does not give you a word, try the long vowel.” (See earlier.)

-ve ( -ave -ive -ove)

Because English words do not end with a v we have to add an e on the end. Sometimes this coincides with magic e as in: save    behave    drive    stove. Other times the e is not magic as in : have    love    glove    give    active    impressive    collective. There are many words like this.  I refer to these words as "final e"

Play the games: Bingo, s/ladders, Pairs.



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Magic e