Why are the pictures in black and white?  

The games in Mona McNee's books are in black and white. They work very nicely and this site has no desire to fix something which is not broken. Besides, it saves on expensive coloured printer inks.Why are there no colourful pictures on the website pages? There are plenty of other sites out there with colourful rainbows and fluffy animals bursting from every page. Phonics4free prefers to stay focussed on the job at hand and avoid distractions

Why does the video playback sometimes stop and start?

The videos are stored and streamed from www.archive.org. They are very large files and sometimes you have to wait a while for enough of the file to stream before smooth playback is achieved. There may also be technical issues with the either the servers at www.archive.org or your own internet service provider.

Can I download the videos to playback on my own computer?

Certainly. All videos may be downloaded from this page on the internet archive

Where can I purchase a copy of Step By Step from?

Mona sells these books directly to the public for £5 inclusive of postage in the United Kingdom and $10 for the rest of the world. Please make enquiries via her website here