Inspired by the work of Mona McNee this site aims to be a free repository for worksheets and companion text to support Mona's simple yet very highly successful reading programmes.

Alan O 2010

Everyone needs to be able to read. My phonics programme, from letters to sounds, is aimed at all, any age 4 to adult, dyslexic or not. My Down’s syndrome son learned from this kind of phonics. It needs no training, just common sense and a willingness to walk away from today’s received wisdom. Teachers and pupils should be spared “a range of other strategies”.Users can enjoy the teaching and the success it brings. It has always been priced at rock-bottom to reach every pocket and thanks to this website is now available for free. Of the world’s many troubles today, we can at least end illiteracy for the English-speaking world! Enjoy!

Mrs Mona McNee, B.A., T.D., P.C.T., M.B.E. 2010