Learn to read

Inspired by the work of Mona McNee M.B.E and the discovery of her 1992 video tutorials "Learning with phonics" this site with Mona's permission embraces the world wide web and presents her video tutorials for all to share. Acknowledgement and thanks go to Mona for freely sharing her work, and to the Internet Archive for hosting, streaming, and preserving her videos for a hopeful eternity.

The tutorials consist of one introduction and sixteen lessons. You can access each lesson via the lesson index page or navigate directly by clicking on the small "Learn to read" twistie (triangle) in the sidebar panel. Each lesson occupies its own page. Each page will ocassionally feature comments from myself (Alan O, sometimes known as Hitthebongo) and quotes from Mona. In addition, each page will eventually feature free downloadable support materials created by myself and possibly Mona's own original content in PDF form.

The lessons are designed to sequentially follow each other, with each new one incorporating what has previously been learnt. It is therefore VERY important not to skip a single lesson. Start with the introduction and work your way through.

Mona has a number of books that are reasonably priced. It is highly recommended to use one in conjunction with the videos. If you visit her phonics website www.catphonics.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk you will be able to purchase directly from her, saving quite a few pounds. An on line version of her first book "Step by step" is also available if you prefer to conserve your cash, but seriously, having a paper copy immediately to hand for quick reference is well worth the small investment. Apart from that, her reading programme costs next to nothing because in the best Blue Peter tradition you are encouraged to make your own support materials using, cardboard, magazine cut outs and sticky back plastic.

Anything not covered in the lesson pages will eventually make its way in to the FAQ.

Good luck !