Why Billy can't read

Post date: Apr 25, 2012 8:30:48 AM

Mona McNee has just recently written and published her latest booklet Why Billy can't read. Different digital versions of the book (Read online, PDF, kindle etc) are available to view/download/print and share from this Archive.org link. A link to the PDF version is also provided below.

Taken from the opening paragraph:

A failure of 1 in 4, in learning to read, for 50 years and more? How can this mess go unchallenged? This is surely the biggest scandal ever! The experts MUST BE WRONG. Others may study this but I have lived it, for 40 years. Today teachers keep getting the blame, while the real culprits (who mis-trained and control them) get off scot-free - central government, LEAs,universities. And of what value is an Ofsted inspection if the inspectors do not themselves understand DEcoding phonics?