Printing guide


The games and worksheets on this site, unless otherwise stated are in PDF format. By clicking on one of the download links on the lesson pages you will be taken to the games associated Google docs page where you can view and download it. While on the Google docs page do not be tempted to use your web browsers print button.This may result in an incorrect print. The PDF doc MUST be viewed in a PDF reader for properly formatted printing.

To download simply click the File link on the top left corner of the web page then Download original. You will then be presented with the usual download dialogue used by your web browser.

Please note. Clicking on the "Print (PDF)" link on the Google docs page may make the PDF open in your web browser requiring further user interaction to print the document. does not recommend this action as some browsers can have issues with displaying PDF's.

In order to view the downloaded document you must have a PDF reader installed on your computer. Most users will already have this installed. There are a choice of PDF readers available. Adobe reader is the most widely used and may be downloaded from here. Simply double clicking on the saved PDF file should open it up in your PDF reader


When printing from within Adobe reader or other PDF reader you will probably be presented with a print options window similar to below:

The PDF documents are modelled on an A4 sheet in landscape view. The settings above seem to be Adobe defaults and work just fine when printing to A4 paper. If the print preview looks wrong, check that the page scaling is set to Shrink to Printable Area and the Auto-Rotate and Center tick box is checked.

When printing out the games I would recommend using a good quality paper and placing them in clear A4 sleeves. These are very cheap and will protect the prints. They also enable you to keep the games organised in an A4 folder. For the bingo games you might wish to consider using a heavier card of perhaps 140 gsm for sheet 3 in the game. This sheet contains the word tiles which are cut out and form playing pieces.