Google Docs issues - sign in request

Post date: Jan 30, 2011 3:32:3 PM

All the games and worksheets that share are hosted with our Google Documents account. These have been designated for full "Public View." It should not be necessary to have a Google account to view and download these documents.

An issue that seems to surface once in a while for users is that when they click on a game link they are confronted by a Google Docs sign in page. This should not happen and is ruining the user experience. The problem has surfaced in Internet Explorer but other browsers may be affected. It appears to be a Google Docs issue.

The remedy is fairly simple. Google advises clearing out your browsers cache and if that does not fix the problem clearing out the cookies. I have experienced this issue once before and cleaning out the cache and cookies did the trick. The link below details the actions for your browser version:

Google Help - clean out your cache and cookies is keeping an eye on this and is currently researching better ways to share all future games and worksheets - perhaps completely abandoning Google Docs altogether. In the meantime your patience is much appreciated !